Abortion Procedures: Unveiling the Choice

Some of the most common abortion procedures being used today.

Content is disturbing enough: there are no graphic images used. Just sick, how can this be legal?

In this video, we demonstrate some of the most common abortion procedures being used today. America needs to know what “choice” actually means. If you would not to choose to die by one of these methods, what makes it acceptable for another human being? View Video

Some of the most common abortion procedures being used today.

Some of the most common abortion procedures being used today.

Abortion is easy to call a “choice,” unless it is being chosen for you. Are one of these procedures a way you would like to die? Please share this video. In our experience, learning about the procedures makes the biggest impact in the heart of a person supporting abortion.

I am pro-choice for first trimester abortions.  That being said, ALL PRO CHOICE PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH THIS!  Without understanding what is happening, it’s impossible to have an educated opinion or belief about something, and this is no different.  Ignorance is what leads a lot of women to their opinions on abortion, and I know this because I am a woman.

This is so satanic and to think I almost had a vacuum abortion. I chose life and told Planned Parenthood I would not murder my child! Just because some of us feel it’s not time to have a baby, it’s the best time in your life, becoming a mother. Trust me! Best said by Dr.Suess: “A life is a life, no matter how small.”

This is ridiculously misleading. Late term abortions are completely illegal in most places, unless there is some type of medical complication that is threatening the mother’s life or the baby is already dead. So basically this video is trying to shame women who have miscarried or would face serious medical problems if their baby was born. And they leave out the part where fetuses have no feelings during the first trimester. The brain and other organs are literally just beginning to form. If you’re going to try to make an argument against this, how about state facts instead of making a misleading video to appeal to uneducated people’s knee jerk reactions.

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