Prayers for Charlie Gard a 10-month old and his parents.

Charlie Gard a 10-month old boy in England

Charlie Gard — a 10-month old boy in England who is seriously ill with a rare disease … a poor prognosis … and a bureaucracy that is turning a deaf ear to his plight.

Charlie’s case has generated an outpouring of support from pro-life leaders — and many people of good will from around the world.

This is quite simply an assault on human dignity, with one group of people telling another person that he does not have a right to live. Full Article

There have even been some decision-makers who’ve said it’s “in Charlie’s best interests” that he be taken off life support … which will lead to his death

Charlie’s parents want life for their son despite the desperate circumstances, but doctors, hospitals and even the government are placing barriers in their path at every step.

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