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Coerced Speech is the Tool of Tyrannies, not Free Nations.

Colorado Cake Artist Jack Phillips goes to United States Supreme Court

If the government can punish us for believing the “wrong things” and for acting on those beliefs, then we simply don’t live in a free nation. When the government tells you what you must say, that is even worse.

Jack owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado. He creates incredibly beautiful cake designs that are genuine works of art. When two men asked Jack to create a custom-designed cake to celebrate their same-sex wedding, he declined. But he offered to sell them anything on the shelves. Full Article

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission and the ACLU came after Jack. It was not because these two men couldn’t get a wedding cake. In fact, they were offered many cakes for free. The ACLU and the government of Colorado have one motive in this case — they want to silence and punish any person who refuses to believe that same-sex marriages should be celebrated. And they don’t just hate freedom for Jack Phillips. They hate your freedom. Alliance Defending Freedom

Did you know that a Christian man recently went to three other cake shops in Colorado and asked for custom cakes with messages that opposed same-sex marriages? All three shops turned him down because they did not want to promote his message. And yet, the Colorado Commission held that these three cake designers were not in violation of the law and had the right to refuse to create messages with which they did not agree. Interview on the View

A gay Colorado mega-millionaire, Tim Gill, has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into opposing people who share Jack’s beliefs about marriage. In a recent interview in Rolling Stone, Gill made it clear that he is going after Christians and others who don’t want to join in same-sex marriage celebrations. Gill says that his goal is to “punish the wicked.”

Lets Build a New Culture for Health Care, with Conscience/Compassion.

Conscience, compassion and health care

Nationwide, we are seeing aggressive moves to – force doctors and nurses to take part in killing their patients. Full Article

Assisted suicide legislation is advancing in New Jersey and the District of Columbia. Colorado voters will decide in November whether to legalize the practice in their state.

In the few months since California’s new assisted suicide law took effect, we have already seen the first public case of something lawmakers and advocates promised would not happen. A terminally ill woman was denied insurance coverage for the chemotherapy treatment her doctor recommended, although her insurance did offer to cover suicide drugs.

We must continue to oppose assisted suicide as an unjust and dangerous public policy. It gives “end of life options” to those who already have the privilege of good health care. But for the poor, it will make suicide by prescription the “recommended” or only option. In fact, this year’s California budget includes $2.3 million to subsidize giving lethal drugs to the poor through the Medi-Cal system.

Assisted suicide is not only being promoted for the poor, but also for the mentally ill. State officials have already published disturbing new regulations to require doctors who work in state institutions for the mentally ill to help their patients kill themselves if they request it.

Nationwide, we are seeing aggressive moves to erase ancient conscience protections and force doctors and nurses to take part in killing their patients, and also to perform abortions, sterilizations, “sex reassignment” surgeries and other practices they oppose on moral grounds.

In recent months, leading medical journals have come out strongly against continued conscience protections for doctors. Practical Ethics published a statement by prominent bioethicists arguing that doctors should be forced to perform any procedure that is permitted by law.