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I’m Pro Woman and Don’t Support the “Women’s March”

Women's March Support Democratic Women Candidates.

There are many instances where movements have a face that is APPEALING but can be considered “Sheep in wolfs clothing”.

So, the question is asked why someone who is pro women is not in support of today’s Women’s March?

Women's March Support Democratic Women Candidates.

Four women, Tamika Mallory, Bob Bland, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour take leadership for the Women’s March

As an advocate for life, dignity and respect for all I have to discern what is truly good & what is not. (To discern a movements intent) I ask myself the following questions: Who is promoting this event publicly & financially?  Who is associated to it & is speaking at this Event?  Is this event really doing what it is meant to do?

So here are my findings with this movement. It is promoted & advertised by no other than Feminist Majority Foundation, who speaks publicly against the Catholic Church & the Churches non-negotiables, they round up support to continue to keep open or support New ABORTION centers!

Now as far as it’s speakers they have a unique lineup. ATHENA SALMAR who supported PROP 205, the legalization of recreational marijuana & a House of Rep Member in Az, WENONA BENALLY who has rcvd campaign $$ from Top Industries promoting ABORTION POLICY and JODY LIGGETT from PLANNED PARENTHOOD. When looking at this I don’t really see the support that they advertise for the Power of the women’s vote other than to benefit radical movements.

But they disguise themselves as serving other concerns such as rights for the immigrants, school issues, wage equity, disability rights (we already have a Dept. (In Arizona) that does that). So, in closing here is my thought.

There are many that have good intentions for the right reasons but let it be organized without the involvement of those that are tainted. I will support any March that is organized truly for issues that are on the table & not hijacked by others.


Donald Trump’s Forces Destroy the Culture of Death

Constantine wins the Battle

Much like the defeat of Diocletian by Constantine A.D. 312  the Election of Donald Trump sent out a clarion call: Things have changed. The war has taken a definitive turn. A new era may be beginning.

What must clearly be understood, however, is that there is only one war being played out, but in two theaters: temporal and spiritual. Full Article

On a temporal level, the names and faces and philosophies are all familiar — Democrats vs. Republicans, Hillary vs. Trump, conservatives vs. liberals, capitalism vs. socialism, nationalism vs. globalism, limited government vs. the Nanny State and so forth. And the various sides are rather well defined, even if there are some points of murkiness when one digs into the details.

Where there are no points of murkiness, however, is in the larger war: the spiritual one. In this war the boundaries are extremely clear and the lines very bright. Good vs. Evil is the only demarcation. But since we are humans and live in a temporal world as well, these spiritual dimensions must be played out in concrete circumstances, without ever losing sight of the spiritual reality of Good vs. Evil. The temporal realities will end; the spiritual realities are forever. So we need to fight the war correctly in the temporal realm so we achieve final victory in the spiritual.

What happened Tuesday night and Wednesday morning was a revelation of the battle between Good vs. Evil, a brief peeling back of the temporal to reveal the even more frightening conflict in the spiritual. After what was undoubtedly millions of Rosaries and fasts and penances — all spiritual weapons (and why our newest book on the Rosary is titled “The Weapon“) — the depth of the spiritual battle was revealed. The faithful Catholic always recognizes the hand of God in temporal affairs by the degree of awe inspired in the observer. The Lord of the universe is also the Lord of history, and nothing happens in time and the great currents of history without His divine consent.