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John Barros Saves Lives at the Orlando Women’s Center.

John Barros Pro Life sidewalk counselor saving unborn human life.

I always tell people that Gods timing is not our timing but he showed that in the most powerful way today.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saithe the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than yours  Isaiah 55:8-9

I will never forget what happened today. It began like so many Thursdays at the Orlando Women’s Center. The ladies (Reiza and Keila)  returned for their second day of their labor and delivery abortions with pillows, blankets, and all the things they need to be comfortable.

These people have had a whole day of being loved the day before and it is so hard to watch them come back the next day. Reiza brought her daughter Keila back today. There was a language problem but they were ministered to all day yesterday. They didn’t want to hear anything from anyone.

Today they were dropped off and went inside. A while later an Uber driver named Patricia showed up. She knew these people (Reiza and Keila). She agreed to be a translator and then the most amazing thing I have seen happened. They bother Repented of their abortion!! There was one problem. They had to stop this abortion and have the laminera removed from her (Keila) Cervix. One of the workers was on the porch yelling at Reiza but she stood strong. She got Keila out of there. Then I told them to go to Winnie Palmer Hospital.

I have not had any good come from Winnie Palmer Hospital five times before and have had the Nurse call saying that at this point the babies are dead. Just don’t know what else to do and was just so Thankful they were gone from here.

Donna was gone so Karen and I just prayed for God to work. After a couple of hours Karen left to go home and get ready because she is also a counselor at First Life.

Then the worst thing I could imagine happened. Winnie Palmer Hospital sent them (Reiza and Keila) back here. They refused to get involved. Then when they went back inside this dump they (Orlando Women’s Center) refused to see them because they had left. It was unbelievable.

The prayer and work was fierce. They (Orlando Women’s Center) finally agreed to take the laminera out but (Reiza and Keila) had to sign releases of liability and pay the full price for the abortion even though they weren’t having one.

I texted Karen and she came back. Then they (Reiza and Keila) came out and Karen drove with them to First Life Center for Pregnancy.

The abortionist Randall Whitney came out to talk to me. He laughed and said “I guess someone changed their mind eh John? These kids”

At First Life Center for Pregnancy, it was such a contrast to this Hell Hole. In that Godly environment Reiza and Keila were presented with the Gospel and both made professions of faith.

Her Precious little baby is 20 weeks and one day and everything is fine!!! God is so Good and His ways are Way Beyond Ours.

It is impossible to bring you all the emotions and warfare that went into this. It was an Amazing work if God. He broke a couple of stubborn people and saved a very special baby. Please Pray for all these folks!!

John Barros ministers full-time on the sidewalk outside the Orlando Women’s Center. This is one of his stories.

Homeless Jesus Brings 911 Calls

The Homeless Jesus statue

Almost every time the statue is installed in a new city, it inspires unique responses.

Since its installation in front of First Lutheran Church in downtown Fargo, N.D. last month, emergency crews have responded at least twice to calls from concerned residents who thought the statue was a real person. The Homeless Jesus statue

The bronze statue, created by sculptor Tim Schmalz, depicts Jesus as a homeless man lying on a park bench, covered in a blanket, with the crucifixion wounds on his feet. “Homeless Jesus” is based on the “Judgment of the Nations” scene from Matthew 25 and signifies Christ in “the most marginalized in our society,” according to Schmalz’s website.

The statue has been installed in cities all over the world, including at the Vatican. Almost every time the statue is installed in a new city, it inspires unique responses.

Homeless Jesus, also known as Jesus the Homeless, is a bronze sculpture by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz that depicts Jesus as a homeless person, sleeping on a park bench. Wikipedia