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Challenge your Pastors to ‘speak the truth’ against Abortion

Father Michael Orsi Chaplain and Research Fellow in Law & Religion

The elites in both parties, Republicans and Democrats, do not want to lose the ‘right to abortion.’

“Because it is the way of the elites to change the culture and to get control of the lives of those whom they see as lesser beings than they are.” he said.

“If you want to hear about rights, then let’s talk about the right to life, [from] the beginning of life and [to] the end,” he said.  Full Article

Father Orsi squarely blamed pastors as the ones most responsible for the continued existence of abortion in America. “Who is responsible for this great blight on our society, this murder of the innocents? First and foremost let me tell you it is the pastors,” he said.

“But nobody wants to say that. How many times have you heard abortion preached against in your churches? Very seldom and in very few churches. What you find most of all in our churches these days, ‘we are a welcoming community.’ You know what that means? [It means], ‘come in here we are all nicey-nice. We don’t want to offend you even when you are destroying your soul and you’re destroying human life,’” he added.

Orsi encouraged pro-lifers to challenge their pastors to “speak the truth in the churches.” He said that pastors must then “speak to the politicians and hold their feet to the fire,” telling them of their duty to pass laws that prevent abortion. “Pastors must be strong in encouraging the politicians [regarding] what is necessary for them in order to maintain our vote, or else we will elect new politicians who will,” he said.  Pastors must also remind politicians “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul,” he added.

Don’t give your Children Smartphones.

Don’t give your children smartphones.

“Nearly every social interaction – and sexual interaction – of teenagers is shaped by the tiny, always-throbbing devices they carry with them”

This has given rise to cyber-bullying and a spate of suicides, sexting and sexual exploitation of teens by teens, and the nearly non-stop viewing and amateur production of pornography. Teenagers – and children – are pulled into the social webs woven from Facebook to Instagram, from Snapchat to a half-dozen other underground cyber-settings, the interactions and content curated only by the children who populate them, free of parental or adult supervision.

Do not give the pornographers the access to your children that they seek. They know that children and teens are most likely to find porn on phones, and that’s why they’ve made a gargantuan effort in recent years to create porn that can be viewed and streamed on mobile devices. They know how to access your children—through a smartphone.