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Trump’s Pro-life Landslide.

Trump's pro-life landslide.

They’ve been aborting 40% of Black babies for years. If all those Black babies were still around, it would have been a landslide for Hillary not Trump.

A state-by-state comparison of abortion data and the election results confirms that the division is in fact about abortion, and clearly the pro-life side is winning. It also gives a whole new meaning to the red state/blue state division between the two major political parties. Full Article

They say demographics is destiny, and the proof of that is in the devastating toll that abortion has taken among Black and Hispanic populations in and around our inner cities who traditionally vote 70% to 90% Democrat.  It is time to face the fact that the militant advocacy for abortion among leading Democrats – combined with genocidal targeting of Black and Hispanic communities by Planned Parenthood – has inevitably taken a huge demographic toll of these constituencies.

Basically, our analysis shows that Donald Trump won a landslide victory in pro-life leaning, low abortion states, while Hillary held big margins in liberal, pro-choice states. The big change is that the pro-life leaning states now have a commanding edge.

The average abortion rate in the states Hillary won is a staggering 92% higher than in the states Trump carried – 22.07 per 1,000 women of child-bearing age in her states compared to 11.5 per 1,000 in the states he carried. That’s a huge difference.

Trump carried 30 low abortion states with an average margin of 56.6% of the vote, while Clinton carried 20 high abortion states plus the District of Columbia with an average margin of 55.9%.

This confirms the dramatic split between predominantly pro-life Republican red states and abortion-tolerant Democrat blue states. It is also a powerful argument for reversing Roe v. Wade and sending the abortion issue back to the states.

100 January Marches Rally’s Across America

January Marches Rally's Across America

The month of  January 2017 brings the Largest Continuous Protest in the History of America with over 100 Marches, Rally’s, Walks for Life happening across America!

Find and Search for your Marches, Rally’s and Walks for Life at the following websites. Find out what is going in your hometown. Share with others.

Find and Search for these Marches, Rally’s and Walks for Life at the http://www.calendarforlife.org/ the http://prolifeeventsfinder.com/ the http://forlifecalifornians.org/ or the http://marchforlifeeventsfinder.com/

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Tiny Feet, Precious Feet, Priceless Feat

Dr. Russell Sacco, takes the famous image.

The Precious Feet pin has become the international pro-life symbol for those working to end abortion and to promote the respect for life. Millions of Precious Feet pins have been distributed throughout the world.

Virginia Evers designs the Pro-Life pin

Virginia Evers designs the Pro-Life pin

“All of a sudden, I saw these tiny feet; these perfectly formed tiny feet, with little toes, little wrinkles and creases and I held them between my fingers and took the picture. I was crying because I felt so bad – it just really got to me,” he said. “I really didn’t think the photo would be anything, but God must have taken the picture because it was perfect, and I knew that this would be one powerful way to send a message to the world, as this unborn baby was only about 10 weeks along.” Dr. Russell Sacco, takes the image.

The Precious Feet were birthed in 1978 when 86-year-old Virginia Evers, remembering a pro-life ad she saw in the San Diego Union that included Dr. Russell Sacco’s photograph of a 10-week-old unborn baby’s delicate feet, used it as her inspiration for designing a lapel pin the exact size and shape of an unborn baby’s feet at 10 weeks after conception. Virginia Evers designs the pin.

When Roe v. Wade came before the Supreme Court, Dr. Sacco expected the court would rule against abortion because it was evident from his photographs that unborn babies are not “blobs of tissue,” but human beings. “I was just so shocked that they went along with this,” he said. “Here I had the proof that these babies were not tissue, but real people. Since Roe v. Wade, more than 51 million babies have been murdered. It is horrifying.” Dr. Russell Sacco can’t believe Supreme Court decision.

The 40 Film: Compelling Documentary 40 years since Roe v. Wade.

The Opening Scene is a compelling introduction to this dynamic film.

The film showcases interviews with dozens of pro-life leaders and presents abortion as the most important human rights issue of our time.

40 is a compelling new documentary that examines the effects of abortion on our nation over the last 40 years since Roe v. Wade. The film showcases interviews with dozens of pro-life leaders and presents abortion as the most important human rights issue of our time. 40 looks at both sides of this heated issue and addresses some of the strongest arguments for the pro-choice position. 40 also provides heartfelt testimonies from post abortive women and reports on the youth as the generation that will end abortion.

John Morales welcomed a sold-out crowd at the Maple Theater

John Morales welcomed a sold-out crowd at the Maple Theater

This film addresses some of the strongest arguments for the pro-choice position such as when life begins and “it’s my body, my choice” countered by pro-life answers from a wide array of pro-life activists, leaders and youth. Twenty- eight year-old actress Jennifer Cadena, who stared in The Roommate, Crescendo, and the upcoming film, Little Boy, narrates the 40 film.

40 features over 40 of the biggest names in the pro-life movement such as Joe Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League, Investigative journalist Lila Rose, the President of Live Action, Star Parker, Founder and President of CURE, Rebecca Kiessling, Pro-life Speaker and Conceived in rape, Serrin Foster, President of Feminists for Life, Ryan Bomberger, Founder of Radiance Foundation, Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director and founder of And Then There Were None, Life, Keith Mason, Co-founder of Personhood USA, Dr. Monica Miller, Director of Citizen for a Pro-Life Society, David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, Dr. Alveda King, Director of African-American Outreach-Priests for Life, Jeanne Monahan, President of March for Life Education and Defense Fund, Dr. Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, Kelsey Hazzard, President of Secular Pro-Life, and many more!


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