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These are the people who want to talk to your kids

These are the people who want to talk to your kids

School districts all over Texas are grappling with stealth efforts by LGBT activists to transform what students actually learn.

Currently in Texas the debate rages about what to do with SB3, something proposed that deals with transgender bathroom access.

The Human Rights Campaign is pushing “Welcoming Schools” on children as young as four or five, and they are not the only ones attempting to replace standard arithmetic, reading, writing, and science, with shamelessly inappropriate curriculum about homosexuality, transgenderism, and political issues such as same-sex marriage or gay parenting.

To teach children about LGBT life is, in most cases, to introduce and suggest it to them at a time when they shouldn’t be encouraged to jump into it. But let’s say we want to teach kids about this sexual content at a young age to prepare them for the topsy-turvy world out there. The curriculum put forward by Welcoming Schools and other gay-affirming educational groups is not the right way to bring this topic to kids.

It is blatantly false, presenting LGBT life as untroubled and joyful. It equates all kinds of intercourse, glossing over the hygienic and epidemiological problems that afflict anal sex in particular. It romanticizes homes, relationships, friendships, and social circles tied to LGBT activities, all but coaxing the children to rush into those milieus expecting happiness and sunshine.

One problem is that this material should never be taught to minors in school at all. But a bigger problem is who is pushing this material right now.

These are the same people who’ve burned us a thousand times before, as I will elaborate in a series of posts on “These are the people who want to talk to your kids.” The movement behind these curricular changes found success almost entirely by threatening, embarrassing, and insulting people who stood in their way. They have never improved the lives of the people they claim to champion. Nor have they ever behaved in a dignified way to people who had reservations or objections to their work.

Aborted Children Gain Right to Proper Burial

Unborn Child

Texas rules would require all medical facilities, hospitals and clinics to cremate or bury fetal remains, no matter the period of gestation.

The old rules allowed for fetal tissue, blood, organs and other body parts to be discarded, incinerated or ground, and then disposed of in a sanitary landfill. Texas’ proposed rules requiring the cremation or burial of fetal remains will take effect Dec. 19, according to state health officials. Full Article

“For far too long, Texas has allowed the most innocent among us to be thrown out with the daily waste,” state Sen. Don Huffines (R-Dallas) said in a packed public hearing on the proposed rule in August, the Austin American-Statesman reported. “Life begins at conception.”

Other states have passed restrictions on the use of fetal remains. South Dakota made it illegal to use aborted fetal tissue in research. In Idaho and Alabama it is illegal to buy, sell, donate or experiment on such remains. Full Article

As Emma Green wrote in the Atlantic, legal guidelines for organ and tissue use are somewhat of a murky area. Tanya Marsh, a law professor at Wake Forest University, said, “The question of what we own of ourselves — what is the legal status of biological material that’s been removed from us — there’s very little law about that, except to say that it’s not ours.”